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“Invested Ventures is a cut above every Web Design Agency I worked with in the New York City Area. Michael was a real pleasure to work with ... I would recommend Invested Ventures to anyone looking for great services and excellent results.”

Brandon Sherwin - NYC Restaurant Owner

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How the Internet Changed the World Infographic

How The Internet Changed The World - Past Present And Future [Infographic]

We tend to not think very much about the internet in our everyday lives – in a way we just use it. It’s usually not until we’re disconnected from the digital world that we realize how dependent we really are to our internet-enabled devices. The invention of the Internet has had a profound impact on all of us: it transformed the way we connect with one another, how we find and share information, and to a large extent – how we live our day to day lives.

hiring a website designer

Five Things To Consider When Hiring A Website Designer in 2017

If you do a Google Search for “Web Designer in {your city}” you are likely to received thousands of search results. This might be a little bit overwhelming at first. You may be wondering, how do I decide which Web Design Firm I should partner with. Do I decide based on how well their own website is designed or do I decide based on their Google Page Ranking? Or perhaps, should I do a quick Yelp search to see which Web Design Firm has the best customer ratings?

how to form a llc

How To Protect Your Personal And Business Assets By Forming A LLC

So you’ve spent endless hours trying to get your business off the ground. After several months you’re finally starting to make some business profit and you’re extremely happy that all your sweat and tears are finally paying off. Time to rejoice? Not quite. Now is the perfect time to take the necessary steps to protect your personal and business assets. There are many different directions you can take to achieve asset protection. The most common ones usually include forming a legal entity, buying business insurance, filing for trademark and copyright protection, and hiring a great business lawyer.

Website Design Trends

Website Design Trends - Must Have Components Of Every Website

purpose of a website

What is the Purpose of a Website And Why Do You Need One